Processing raw files

CHDK allows the A710IS and SX110SX to generate raw image files. I don't know yet how to process these properly with free software. I'll add notes as I go…


ufraw is a program to read, view and manipulate raw image files.

The files from the A710IS can be converted with ufraw-batch:

ufraw-batch  --out-type=tif --out-depth=16 CRW_5293.CRW

The SX110IS files are not (yet, ufraw-batch 0.15) supported. EDIT 20090919: current cvs does, so will 0.16)


A very recent dcraw (8.97) can process raw SX110IS files

$ dcraw  -v -T -4 CRW_5293.CRW  # convert to 16 bit tiff

Loading Canon PowerShot SX110 IS image from CRW_5293.CR2 ...
Scaling with darkness 127, saturation 4095, and
multipliers 1.648469 1.000000 2.160397 1.000000
AHD interpolation...
Converting to sRGB colorspace...
Writing data to CRW_5293.tiff ...

$ dcraw -i  -v CRW_5293.CRW  # exif data not present?

Filename: CRW_5293.CR2
Timestamp: Thu Jan  1 00:00:00 1970
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
ISO speed: 0
Shutter: 0.0 sec
Aperture: f/0.0
Focal length: 0.0 mm
Embedded ICC profile: no
Number of raw images: 1
Full size:   3720 x 2772
Image size:  3684 x 2760
Output size: 3684 x 2760
Raw colors: 3
Daylight multipliers: 1.614148 0.979180 2.115417

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