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Zevenkamp My passion is taking aerial photographs with a camera lifted by a kite…

I keep track of my adventures on this web page, and post the images I like best on

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Photo Series

May 16 2010, Newport, Nesselande, Rotterdam

May 5 2010, Greenhouse near Hoek van Holland, NL


A quick KAP session (about 15 minutes) between greenhouses (during KAPiNED/10). 3 KAPers (Simon, Amy and I), 3 kites, 3 cameras and a lot of glass.

April 23 2010, Staatscircus van Moskou-Holiday at sunset, Nesselande, Rotterdam


A beautiful subject, great warm light, but poor immediate surroundings. I hope they invite me to take pictures at a great location ;-)

April 20 2010, Zevenkamp, Rotterdam


This is where I live…

April 16 2010, Maassluis, Svanen

Svanen While I was KAPing quietly at Maassluis (Nieuwe Waterweg), the Svanen (HUGE crane ship) passed by…

April 13 2010, Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam

Erasmusbrug The Erasmusbrug (“Erasmus Bridge”) is a cable stayed bridge across the Nieuwe Maas (English: New Meuse) river, linking the northern and southern halves of the city of Rotterdam

April 13 2010, Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam

Erasmusbrug Big buildings on the “Kop van Zuid” on a beautiful early spring morning. These images were taken with a camera lifted by a kite.

April 12 2010, Willemsbrug, Rotterdam


The Willemsbrug is a bridge next to the Erasmusbrug in the centre of Rotterdam, spanning the Nieuwe Maas. It links the northern part of the city with the Noordereiland and (in combination with the Koninginnebrug) the district of Feijenoord.

April 12 & 13 2010, Noordereiland, Rotterdam


March 13 2010, Maasvlakte 2, Waterway

Maasvlakte 2 These images have been moved to

6 march 2010, Thialf, Nieuwe Waterweg


I like those big structures… The Thialf is so large, that it is almost impossible to fly over it with a kite without breaking the rules. Thialf, Heerema's largest deepwater construction vessel (DCV), and is capable of a tandem lift of 14,200 t.

4 march 2010, Uitbreiding Maasvlakte (take 2)

These images have been moved to

3 march 2010, Uitbreiding Maasvlakte

Maasvlakte 2 Some more land for The Netherlands… 365 million m3 of sand to be moved. KAP conditions were not optimal: feeble wind, grayish sky. I'll be back! 8-)

20 feb 2010, Maeslantkering, Hoek van Holland

Maeslantkering, Hoek van HollandThe Maeslantkering is one of the devices designed to stop the sea in case of dangerous storms. I hope it works: the floor of my house is 6 meter below sea level…

This thing is HUGE

16 feb 2010, Kinderdijk, Molens

Molens, Kinderdijk

These images have been moved to

12 feb 2010, Rotterdam, Mullerpier

Mullerpier, Rotterdam Beautiful sunshine, great view, clear sky, unreliable wind :-/

These are the first photos taken with my new radio controlled rig. And the last ones taken with my trusted Canon A710IS: The line went slack when I was not paying (enough) attention, the camera went for a swim :-( The receiver and servos survived the fresh Maas water. The camera's optics did not…

30 jan 2010, Rotterdam, Kralingen

Kralingen Fresh snow, beautiful sunshine, clear sky, almost no wind…

22 jan 2010, Rotterdam, Wilhelminakade

Wilhelminakade My first photo series…

15 jan 2010, I bought a Rok


I just bought a beautiful new kite: a Rokkaku, size almost 2 meter :-). I Originally wanted to build it myself, but that would make it more expensive, lower quality, and less beautiful. Now I can concentrate on the camera frame and taking pictures…

I bought it in a kite shop in Schiedam, NL: Nice shop, friendly advice: highly recommended!


Camera rig



KAP script (CHDK)

  • switch to manual focus, infinity
  • underexpose (1/3 or 2/3 EV)
  • fixed aperture?
  • interval


  • test wit pendulum (less motion blur?)
  • modify servo for 180+ deg (pan with 2 servos in series or use gears to get 360 deg ?)
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