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Home, sweet home

This is a place where I keep stuff that relates to my interests: God, people and computers. For now it's mostly notes about hobby (computer) projects. This site is personal but not private. The content might be incomplete, outdated, or even untrue ;-)

The weather forecast is for Rotterdam, my home city.

Digital Photography

sx110is.jpg I like to experiment. I'll try to keep notes about the tools (software) I use…

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Kite Aerial Photography

Zevenkamp My passion is taking aerial photographs with a camera lifted by a kite…

I keep track of my adventures on this web page, and post the images I like best on

Reclame: Een luchtfoto laten maken? dat kan!

NOTE I am in de process of moving my Kite Aerial Photography pages to a dedicated website:

OPMERKING: alle pagina's die gaan over het maken van foto's m.b.v. een vlieger worden binnenkort verhuisd naar een aparte website:

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